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The remaining "leftovers" at our repairs brought us to the up-to-date idea to upcycle parts of crashed aircraft. We refer to the creator of the "remains" to give you a lasting reminder of the successful repair or to lovers of unusual decorating articles, which however gladly also have a useful value. This section also includes furnishings in aviation style from the materials or under use of original parts such as damaged or parts that are unairworthy. The possibilities are limited by our common imagination. If you have an idea or wish an offer, please contact us ...

- Samples for CrashArt

The samples only show a small portion of our possibilities. We are happy to offer the use of your own parts to make a nice item for your own exibition or desktop.

Crash_art_Watch.jpg Crash_art_Business_cardholder.jpg Winglet_2.jpg
Winglet_1.jpg Crash_art_sculpture.jpg

- Samples for interior design

While designing an entrance area we designed and made hangers and hooks, as well as a shoehorn in aircaft design.

Garderobe_Überblick.jpg Detail_Garderobenhaken.jpg Kleiderbügel_Carbon.jpg
Schiuhanzieher_totale.jpg Schuhanzieher_detail1.jpg Schuhanzieher_detail2.jpg

- Examples for outdoor design

As an example for designing components for outdoor use, a custom-made garden gate with profiles made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFP) with a door panel of carbon fiber (CFP) is shown here. The focus was on a light, weather-resistant design with an extraordinary look. Security has only a subordinate importance for this door.

Gartentür_Innenansicht.jpg Gartentür_Aussenansicht.jpg
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