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For the adaptation of Flight Design aircraft to the requirements of their users, we develop specific solutions. Here are some examples that led to a significant expansion of the range of applications. If you also requests or already have finished ideas - contact us! We will happy to help you the implementation

Modification of heating air inlet

A modified air inlet increases the air flow through the heat exchanger. So the efficency of the heating can be increased. The modification contains a new developed part for the air inlet in connection with a new tube between inlet and heat exchanger.

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The development of the hand control for pilots with limitations on the lower extremities was developed at the initiative of Jörg Leonhardt. Jörg is chairman of the "Wings for handicapped eV". He is paraplegic since his 18th age. Thanks to the hand control it can meet children with physical and mental disabilities "Dream of flying".


Customizing_Handsteuerung_Bild1.jpg Customizing_Handsteuerung_Bild2.jpg Customizing_Handsteuerung_Bild3.jpg

Single hand control

Based on the experience from the development of the hand controls, we have developed for a customer with limitations on the left arm and the left hand a "Single Hand Control" for the CTLS. The main component is the modified grip on the control stick in supplement with toe brakes. The stick can handle the trottle, the flaps, trim, and the radio can be operated. All "remote" functions can be operated from the co-pilot side in a conventional manner, which makes the aircraft also usable for training.

Customizing_Einhandsteuer_Bild1.jpg Customizing_Einhandsteuer_Bild2.jpg

Camera mount at vertical fin

For assembly of small video cameras the manufacturer often supply mounts with tape. To mount the camera safe you need straight, clean and smooth surfaces for these parts. With a special shaped adapter you can assemble the camera directly at the leading edge of the vertical fin. So you can get a unconventional impression of your flight.

If you want to buy one - see here! 


Kamera_SF (2).jpg Kamera_SF (1).jpg Kamera_SF (3).JPG.png

Video: Test with ACTIONPRO SD21 PRO

Small photo window (removable)

For the use of large format aerial cameras or big lenses out of the hand,  the "standard photo windows" are too small or in an inconvenient position. We developed a variant which enables pilot or copilot to make photo or footage from the CT without disturbing influence of the glazing and without opening or removing the door. It can be delivered in both variants, as a retrofit for the existing door, or a "second door"  being made for occasional use. The size can be individually fitted to your wishes. The price starts from 3.500 € net.

Tür_außen_freigestellt.jpg Tür_innen_freigestellt_2.jpg Fototür_2604133.jpg
Fototür_2604134.jpg Fototür_2604137.jpg

Large photo window (removable)

As the "small" photo window allows the use of large cameras, but with an even larger work area.

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