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Just like at your car ages of paint and the decor of your aircraft. However, the fragile structure and the peculiarities of the material require the correct approach and responsible choice of tools and materials in restoring the old beauty. We also clean and polish your windows and canopies, repair minor cracks and deep scratches on them or replace them if necessary.

Basic cleaning and paint polish

For a basic cleaning, we not only remove the rough dirt from the surface of your aircraft. We also take care of persistent insect remains and residues of fuel, oil and exhaust residues at or below your Flugzueg. Depending on the degree, duration and intensity of exposure to the effects are reduced or disappear completely. A gentle paint polish brings former glory to light.


Cleaning, polishing and replacement of windows

A basic cleaning of the windshields, canopies or door windows with a suitable cleaning methode can provide an uninterrupted view again. Most of the Micro scratches on the inside and outside can be polished by hand. For heavy soiling and deep scratches on the outsides of the windows we use the heavy technology and bring our special polishing machine with grinding agents and polishing wax in use. The result is often a whole new perspective on things ...
Small cracks can be repaired by us professionally and in the worst case - we also replace complete glasses.

Haubenglas-Dornier.jpg Haubenglas_Segelflugzeug.jpg Rissreparatur.jpg

Repair, rework, renewal of interior paint

The interior paint from time to time need some rework on intensive used places. We offer this service as well as the complete repaint of the cockpit. The instrument dashboard, the upholstery of the seats or carpets for the floor also can be a part of this process.

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