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Repair of light aircraft

After successful repair

Structure and surface of ultralight aircraft are - due to their special design "delicate" and thus more sensitive than any "normal" aircraft or glider. A repair therefore requires the most careful application of known repair methods or - in some cases - special solutions to restore the structure without or with minimum weight gain.

- Recovery of crashed aircraft

Our experience in the repair and maintenance of microlights predestined us for professional recovery after an accident. Unqualified recovery usually aggravates the consequences of accidents or lead to a total loss. For this reason it makes sense to inform us of the damage event shortly. Within Europe, we are able to reach almost any location with our special trailer. Like to also take care of all the necessary formalities in dealing with your insurance company.

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- Exchange of wing surfaces

At the repair of larger damages to lightweight structures we prefer the exchange of larger pieces of skin to reduce weight. These spare pieces we build ourself according to the manufacturers drawings in our own workshop or order them directly from the manufacturer as replacement parts. This method is also used for the refurbishment of leaking integral tanks.

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- Repair of front fuselage CTsw

In case of strong damage to structural components, such as in this case, the fire wall, A-columns and the front part of the belly, the damaged structures can be removed and replaced by a large number of complete new parts or fragments. Through the proper connection of the old and new parts by these repairs result components with the same properties as the original.

Reparatur_Rumpf_ES_Bild1.jpg Reparatur_Rumpf_ES_Bild2.jpg Reparatur_Rumpf_ES_Bild3.jpg Reparatur_Rumpf_ES_Bild4.jpg

- Repair of landing gear and main bulkhead CTsw

At a landing accident the main gear strut was bent backwards and afterward broken. The main bulkhead and the fuselage structure has been damaged. By repair of the main bulkhead, replacing the mounting bushings for the leg and the partial replacement of the hull in the area of the luggage compartment, the aircraft was repaired.

Reparatur_Fahrwerk_CTsw_Bild1.jpg Reparatur_Fahrwerk_CTsw_Bild2.jpg Reparatur_Fahrwerk_CTsw_Bild3.jpg

- Repair of stabilizer rotating point CTLS

The previously described methods of repair are also used on structural hard points, as the stabilizer rotating point. In this case, the right rotating point of the horizontal stabilizer was damaged so badly at a hangar accident that it had to be completely replaced.

Reparatur_HLW_Bild1.jpg Reparatur_HLW_Bild2.jpg Reparatur_HLW_Bild3.jpg Reparatur_HLW_Bild4.jpg

- Partial repair of firwall and belly CT

Resulting from nose wheel landings or taxiing against obstacles often the nose wheel strut and the engine frame is bent, causing firewall damages and damages at the lower attachment points of engine mount and the lower fuselage. By restoring structures in the center tunnel and belly area, this area receives back its old strength.

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