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Special equipment


Special equipment are detailed solutions, adapted to specific purposes for use in the light aircraft. This can be commercial equipment, adapted to an originally as "sports equipment" developed aircraft. The result in most of the cases, a highly cost-effective solution in the field of general aviation, that often beats competitors such as the Cessna 172 in the field of "utillity aircraft".

Cargopod for CTsw (also available for CT, CT2K)


Cargo pod for CTsw as carrier for a gyro-stabilized platform

As a custom project we made a cargo pod, what will carry a gyro-stabilized platform for various measuring instruments and cameras. The project will provide a wide range of pictures and scans of ground profiles. Inside we assembled a rail system for a possible 60° movement around the vertical axis. The center area moves together with the platform and serves as a reliable aerodynamic cover for the instruments and you can make as many cut outs as necessary. At an empty weight of 13.5 kg (30 lbs) you can carry up to 25 kg (55 lbs) validated payload. Cables and connectors you can line through an opening under the copilot seat. This opening can be closed tight, when not in use. With 2 persons you can assemble and disassemble the pod within less than 15 minutes without special equipment. The flight conditions for the aircraft have to be adapted i.a.w. the local rules in your country.

Please ask for an individual solution for a cargo pod on your CTsw or CTLS if you are interested.

Bodenansicht-4.JPG Bodenansicht-1.JPG Innenansicht.JPG Flugansicht.jpg

Step for dropping of parachutists (under PtF)

Momentaufnahme 2 (08.09.2013 23-16).png

Dropping of parachutists from light aircraft is effective specially at altitudes below 4500 ft. The target are small groups of jumpers or single parachutists at airfields without regular drop plane. The step allows a safe exit and jump. The stabilization phase after the jump is due to the low settling extremely short. At 3500 ft exit altitude, turn arounds of 10 minutes are realistic.

Absprung.jpg Momentaufnahme 1 (08.09.2013 23-14).png Momentaufnahme 2 (08.09.2013 23-16).png Momentaufnahme 3 (08.09.2013 23-17).png

"Maiden" jumps



The Cargopod for the CTLS was originally designed to carry a folding wheelchair, what does not fit in the regular luggage compartment. After successful development and testing we figured out, that the Cargopod can be used for other bulky items and / or technical equipment. The changes in flight characteristics and fuel consumption after assembly of the pod is not significant.


PDF-Download: Special equipment CARGOPOD,
pdf, 225.7K, 10/30/12, 648 downloads

Sonderanfertigungen_Cargopod_Bild1.jpg Cargopod_1.jpg Cargopod_3.jpg Sonderanfertigungen_Cargopod_Bild3.jpg

Auxiliary fuel tank

Zusatztank CT (6).jpg

The auxiliary fuel tank for aircraft of the CT series is mounted instead of the Copilotensitzes on the seat rails and seat belt system. He doubles with his capacity of 135 liters the range of the aircraft and has been specially developed for the project "AZIMUT 270" of the two Swiss pilots Francisco Agullo and Jannick Bovier. So the CT is ideal equipped for long-range missions and ferry flights with a single pilot. The tank is easy to integrate into the structure and fuel system of the aircraft. A quick installation and removal is possible.

Prospekt Zusatztank (Englisch).pdf

PDF-Download: Special equipment - Auxtank,
pdf, 1.1M, 11/05/12, 602 downloads

Zusatztank CT (1).jpg Zusatztank CT (3).jpg Zusatztank CT (4).jpg Zusatztank CT (5).jpg

Installation of surveillance camera


For surveillance applications in the Chinese forestry they looked out for an inexpensive alternative to the two-engined airplanes with 3-4 man crew. We did a test installation with dummies for a Chinese company to find out how to use a camera in connection with an operator place at the copilot seat.

Prospekt Schwenkarm Operatorplatz (Englisch).pdf

PDF-Download: Special equipment - Operator swivel arm,
pdf, 66.7K, 11/04/12, 673 downloads

Customizing_Camera_China_Bild1.jpg Customizing_Camera_China_Bild2.jpg Customizing_Camera_China_Bild3.jpg

Installation openings at baggage compartment


For the installation of camera or measuring equipment "Installation kits" for openings in the luggage compartments of CTLS were developed. Due to retrofitting these openings the airplane gets an equipment mount for various research, measuring or surveillance tasks. The opening is designed and tested for the attachment of loads of 25 kg per side. This kit can be purchased from us and installed by qualified staff.

Sonderanfertiung_Kameraöffnung_Bild4.jpg Sonderanfertiung_Kameraöffnung_Bild3.jpg Sonderanfertiung_Kameraöffnung_Bild2.jpg Sonderanfertigungen_Kameraöffnung_Bild1.jpg
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