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China 2011 - Introduction of the first CTLS


Building on the experience of 6 years technical training for dealers and customers on behalf of Flight Design, we offer interested individuals and organizations the execution of education and training in the field of composite technology. Besides imparting basic knowledge, this training also extends to specific manufacturing and repair procedures as well as individually to customer requirements adapted - specific course content.

So far, more than 300 students from 23 countries have participated at more than 40 training courses about various contents. These were carried out in addition to our head quarter, in the USA, Italy, France and China.


In 2011 we introduced on behalf of Flight Design the first CTLS in China and carried out the acceptance flights, a first pilot training and the initial training of technical staff.

The expansion to other areas and other interested parties is planned for soon.



Classes for owner of CT-aircraft


Together with our partner company "Ultraleicht Flug-

betriebs GmbH" we organize for years training classes "My new CT".


At these classes we teach owners of CT-aircraft

a basic knowledge about construction, maintenance and repair of their aircraft.


More information about content and schedule you find at see home - section "Termine".

Training Plastic Processing

Composite Basic Training 2011  
Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)

The following courses may be offered in composite technology

  • Basic materials and workmanship
  • Basic manufacturing and repair techniques 
  • Advanced manufacturing and repair techniques
  • Individual courses to customer specifications

The timing, scope and duration depend on demand and needs.

We are happy to make you an offer to participate in our training sessions.

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